early morning thoughts

My country, Indonesia, it has a ministry of education and honestly, it ministry seemed like a teenage girl who can change her mind if she wanted to. She doesn’t care what impact that other person had to deal with her decision.

No, we’re not talking about the teenage girls, we’re talking about the system that government had already made for school students. Every country had each curriculum including Indonesia. I believe that each curriculum had been through very long speculation. I trust my government, they only want the best for their citizen. But in this case, I really feel disappointed with them. Not only because my beloved girlfriend had to face their “try out” decision (well, yeah that’s one of my reason why I wrote this), I just feel worried about what kind of ridiculous system they would make later? It’s enough to make every senior student in high school feel stressed cause they have to get great results in every subject they (honestly) don’t want to take because the subject isn’t related to what major they want to take later in college. This curriculum system forced school students to be like a computer that should have an internet connection. They should know things. Math, Bahasa Indonesia, English, Japanese, History, RELIGION (yeah, I’m not kidding about this), Sociology, Geography, Economy, and else. this system forced students (especially high school students) to get great results. Their future education depends on that results. Can you imagine that? I mean, I should have a good result at math even though I have a purpose of studying Literature in college. Oh no, even I’m not really sure if I can continue my study to college cause there is low number in one of the subjects I should pass.

My girlfriend is a senior student in high school. she has no idea what she’s doing with her life right now. She loved to draw things but she can’t focus on what she liked because she has to run the system. I feel bad for her, but what can I say? She’s wanting to continue her study in college and she wants to take English major like me cause it’s the only major she thought she good at it. She can take Arts major, indeed, but she believed that her skill at drawing is not that good. It’s dilemmatic when the school students actually had a great skill in one thing but it should be buried with all criterion that they should be focused cause the system already made for them.


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