this rant is about my teacher in college.

first of all, she holds one of important course in my major. it’s kind of difficult course and as a student (who already paid the loan) I really wish that she can transfer her knowledge directly and clearly to me. what happened here is she not so professional doing her job. one day she told everyone that she can’t attend the class for the unknown reasons when all of us already come and she “forced” us to come again next day at 6.30 am. it’s fucking 6.30 am in the morning. I wish she just made a joke but she was not joking :(. it was rainy in the next day and it made the rest of student think twice to attend her class because of the weather. one of my friends tried to ask us to come so we don’t have to change the schedule again and he did it. everyone was lazily attending her class and guess what? she was late for almost 45 minutes. FYI we already did negotiate to her that 6.30 was too early to start the class but she still said no. when she came we told her that some students might be late cause it still rains outside. she looked unhappy and she told us that she doesn’t care and for those who would come late were not allowed to come in. this tragedy didn’t happen once. she ever forced the class to met her THREE times a week. cause she had to run her scholarship to Canada. what a brilliant reason, huh? it’s like she didn’t give a shit about the rest of other lecture classes but her own prominence. I feel sad for her, I mean she had an ability to studied abroad. she should have met so many people around the world and I think she should learn about their folkways. how they do socialization, the way her teacher taught her and other students, or anything that she could bring here as a teacher. her attitude is so ancient. she makes me think that studying abroad doesn’t mean can convince you to be an “advanced” people.


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