Advanced Writing

Mysterious Stranger I Fell in Love With

It was rainy in Jakarta and I was flinging myself into the new album of my favorite singer. I was about to buy some snacks until I saw that girl. She was wearing a high-school uniform and there were so many books in front of her. It was pretty crowded but she kept buckling herself down into the books. Maybe she was a senior student who would be having a final exam, I don’t know. It was raining cats and dogs and she decided to have a seat near me. I didn’t pay attention at all until she did humming one of my favorite songs. I really wanted to say hi but I didn’t have guts to doing that. She had a beautiful face and her skin looked pale. I was wondering whether she in a good condition or not. I kept staring at her even when I tried to not to and it makes me hard to get a grip of myself. I’ve never been in this kind of situation. I wish I could break the ice and started to talk to her. But she already left and here I am carrying a torch for someone I would never see again.



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