Advanced Writing

Replying e-mail from Jamie

Hi J,

I can’t wait to come over there! I already bought a ticket and depend on my ticket I will be arriving on next Friday. Anyway, have a picnic in Regent’s Park sounds great. I haven’t been there before so I think it would be fun.

Shopping sounds good but I prefer to watch the match instead. FYI, I’m the biggest fan of Chelsea FC. It will be perfect if I can see my favorite football team playing live. I wish I can enjoy the trip so we can make those plans happen.

About my advice, it’s actually easy to save your money. You only have to make a list what things you want to do or you want to buy. Make a priority in each thing and you have to pick what’s the most important first. Don’t do shopping too much if you don’t really need it.

So you want to buy a tablet? I’ll give you a recommendation what type of tablet for you when I get there. And yes I will bring my tablet, for sure. I brought that thing anywhere.

See you there,






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